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St. Cloud State University
Access To All
Two men shaking hands. One man is sitting down and has a prosthetic  leg. The other man is sitting in a wheelchair.
Image of a hotel room with white background and a bright orange couch. A woman of color, wearing dark glasses is sitting on the couch. A guide cane is laying across the couch next to the woman.

Dive into the essentials of creating welcoming accommodations for all. Understand disability accessibility to ensure every guest enjoys a comfortable and inclusive stay.

Disability Awareness for Lodging Professionals

Understand the nuances of inclusive transport solutions. From wheelchair-friendly vehicles to user-friendly ticketing systems, ensure that everyone’s journey is smooth and stress-free.

Disability Awareness for Transportation Professionals

An image of a woman pushing a man in a wheelchair.
An image of a woman sitting on stairs.  The woman has a prosthetic right leg and is wearing black tennis shoes.

Explore the world of tourism with an inclusive lens towards disability awareness. Discover how to craft itineraries, tours, and experiences that are enriching, enjoyable, and accessible to all.

Disability Awareness for Tourism Professionals

Savor the principles of inclusive food, beverage, and managed services. Develop a basic understanding of disability to cater to a diverse clientele, ensuring every diner feels welcome and at ease.

Disability Awareness for Food, Beverage and Managed Service Professionals

An image of a man sitting in a wheelchair. There is a plate of food on the table along with several glasses of drinks.
An image of a woman speaking to a crowd with a microphone.

Organize events that resonate with everyone. Uncover disability awareness elements to inform planning, coordinating, and executing events that are both memorable and inclusive for all attendees.

Disability Awareness for Event Professionals

Embark on an exciting journey to create magical experiences for everyone. Grasp the awareness of disability access to theme parks that guarantee fun, safety, and accessibility for every visitor.

Disability Awareness for Theme Park Professionals

An image of a young girl in a wheelchair at a theme park.
An image of three women, standing together holding a flag behind them.

Understand the international scale of industry. Become aware of accessibility needs for international, large-scale events, ensuring they cater to a global audience with diverse needs and expectations.

Disability Awareness for International Event Professionals

Our Vision

Transforming industries with expert-designed disability trainings, our digital badges are dedicated to advancing inclusion and fostering equitable experiences for everyone.

Our Mission

Our mission is to drive business excellence and innovation by empowering employees with meticulously crafted disability training in the form of digital badges. By providing the tools to foster an inclusive environment, we aim to ensure that every service is accessible and equitable, enriching customer experiences while elevating industry standards and boosting business success.